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Flu Vaccinations are one of the most cost effective ways of protecting a workforce from a flu virus attack. Take responsible action for the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Reduce Short Term Absenteeism and its associated costs.

About Seasonal Flu

Seasonal flu accounts for a significant proportion of time lost from work during the winter season. A recent survey by the CBI – Absence and Workplace Health Survey 2010 - found the following:

  • It cost the UK in 2009, almost £17bn for employee absence at an average direct cost of £595 per employee - A new high record!
  • 95% respondents were identified as minor illness, such as colds or flu. These illnesses were the cause of short term absence for manual and non-manual workers.
  • Last year each UK employee was off work 1.9 days with FLU.

Our Flu vaccine service for employers can be conducted either on site or via a voucher scheme in one of our pharmacies. For more information and / or to make a booking please contact admin@mckaypharmacy.com / 02890659900.


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