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McKay Pharmacy Collection Point

If you would like to download our Collection Point privacy policy click the 'Download Now' button at the bottom of the page.

Once you have registered and nominated McKay Pharmacy, please order your prescription and select 'Collection Point' as your chosen delivery method. Once we have received your details, we will then collect and dispense your prescription.

  • You will receive a 6 digit PIN valid for 5 days
  • Collect your prescription by entering the PIN into the machine


Collection point is a safe & secure automated way to collect your prescriptions without the need to wait in a regular queue. Your prescription can be collected quickly and easily from the machine during branch opening hours. It is quicker and easier for you, removing the need for you to queue and lets the pharmacy team engage with other queries. Some medicines are unsuitable to be collected by this method - ask a member of staff for more details.

By accepting our Collection Point Privacy Policy, you are consenting the following: 

  • McKay Pharmacy collecting prescriptions on your behalf from your GP practice.
  • McKay Pharmacy requesting prescriptions to be ordered from your GP practice on your behalf on some occasions
  • Receiving information by SMS text message
  • Engaging with your pharmacist at any other time that they, or your GP deem appropriate for the benefit of your health & wellbeing. This is recommended at least twice a year.

I understand that any information gathered for me to use the collection point will be kept confidential and secure, as outlined in GDPR Privacy at www.mckaypharmacy.com/privacy-policy. I have read and understood all the above information about the collection point and am able to make an informed decision about using it to collect my repeat prescriptions. I wish to collect my prescriptions (or those of a child under 18 years old under my care) from the Collection Point under the terms and conditions stated.


Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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