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  • Being sick of the daily commute could be affecting your health
  • 24 August 2016 15:40 GMT
  • "Why your commute is killing you: stressful rush-hour journeys are shortening commuters' lifespans," The Sun reports after the Royal Society for Public Health published a report arguing that commuting can negatively impact both physical and mental health…
  • Childhood head injury linked to range of adult health problems
  • 24 August 2016 14:28 GMT
  • "Millions of Brits face dying early because of something they did when they were children," says the Daily Mirror's needlessly alarming headline. The newspaper reports on a study which found that a head injury causing concussion…
  • Combined HRT breast cancer risk 'may have been underestimated'
  • 23 August 2016 14:28 GMT
  • "Women who take a common form of HRT are nearly three times as likely to get breast cancer, a major study has found," the Daily Mail reports. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment used to relieve symptoms of the…

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