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  • Clarins Facial  Offer
    Clarins Facial Offer 18/1/2017 - Help shake off the winter blues with our January offer.
  • Christmas All Wrapped Up 3/12/2016 - Let us take some of the pressure off you this Christmas at McKay Pharmacy in Templepatrick and Newtownards.
  • A third of adults treated for asthma 'may not have the disease'
    18 January 2017 17:00 GMT
    "The great asthma myth: A third of those diagnosed don't have the condition," reports the Mail Online. A study in Canada found about one-third of adults diagnosed with asthma in the past five years showed no signs of the condition on retesting...
  • Eating disorders in middle-aged women 'common'
    18 January 2017 16:30 GMT
    "Eating disorders…affect a small but substantial number of women in their 40s and 50s," BBC News reports. While often regarded as a "disease of the young", a new survey suggests 3.6% of middle-aged women in the UK are affected by an eating disorder…
  • Can colic really be cured by acupuncture?
    17 January 2017 15:40 GMT
    "Is sticking needles in babies really the best way to ease distress from colic?" the Daily Mail asks. The question was prompted by a study that looked at whether acupuncture can help with colic in babies…

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We are a group of three exclusive pharmacies that have been serving local communities for over 35 years. Our ethos is simple, to develop services that put patients first and to welcome all new and existing customers with a friendly smile which can be coupled with high quality health advice.


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