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  • Being optimistic after heart attack may help with recovery
  • 06 March 2015 12:30 GMT
  • "It's true! Optimists do live longer," is the slightly misleading headline from the Mail Online. The study it reports on actually looked at the effects of optimism on physical and emotional health in 369 people recovering from a heart attack…
  • Does a wife's illness lead to divorce?
  • 06 March 2015 11:30 GMT
  • "Husbands more likely than wives to seek divorce when partner falls sick, says study," the Daily Mail reports after a US study tracked around 2,700 married older couples for 20 years to see how chronic illness…
  • No proof 'alcohol will make you more gorgeous'
  • 05 March 2015 12:30 GMT
  • "How having just the one drink can make you look more gorgeous, according to science," The Independent reports. But the "science" turns out to be an experiment carried out under highly artificial conditions…

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